Our Story

We were two sisters who were separated at birth (even though we’re not twins), until one day Zenia overhead the gossipy aunty next door gossiping with the balding uncle next door to her about the “long lost sister”. Then and there, Zenia committed herself to searching the world over to find her long lost sister. Little did she know how difficult this would be; she had no idea how different they looked.  Zenia was short; Lata was tall.  Zenia was wheatish in complexion; Lata was fair.  Zenia had small feet, ears and hands; Lata’s were all of normal size.

Zenia searched high and low for hours and hours. She went to the local markets and restaurants carefully eyeing all those around her, but to no avail. Finally, after a long day of searching, she sat down at a roadside cafe for some chai and samosas but before she could even finish her first samosa, she was kidnapped by the evil DKS – a villain of notorious stature!  Zenia was blindfolded and with her hands and feet tied to a chair, she sat in a large dingy warehouse. Zenia did her best to make noise with her payals but her little feet were tied too tightly.  She desperately tried to scream out for help … Bachao! Bachao!! … but she quickly realized there was no one there to hear her … or was there?

In the room next door, another taller and more fair complexioned girl was similarly tied up, and having heard Zenia scream, she felt a sudden strength not only to break herself free, but also to save her neighbour. She knew she had to think quick to get them out of this situation and had to account for the guard that was watching her. Suddenly, as if in an instant of Sindhi brilliance, she turned to the guard and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. She promised him a cut in her next brilliant business idea – a cut that would be hundred fold what his mere pay was today.  The guard thought about the offer, knowing that Sindhis were well known for their business skills and that it would serve him well to make the deal.  He let the girl go but as she ran from the room, she turned to inform the guard that he should have asked for the deal in writing … “Don’t forget … I’m a Sindhi business woman. I know what I’m doing!” The girl quickly ran to free her neighbour and as she did so, the two of them looked at each other in complete amazement – they looked nothing alike and yet they knew they were somehow connected. Zenia knew she was looking at Lata.

In that moment, they both instinctively reached over to their arms to raise the sleeves of their beautiful silk kurtis to reveal the same insignia – the BollyStar logo! That was their destiny … and so they reunited to fulfill it.

The end.