Lata Wadhwani

lataThough Lata’s childhood included performing at a number of Indian cultural shows, she actually did not have much of an appreciation for Bollywood.  With little grasp of the language and the thought of spending 3 hours in front of the movie screen, Lata found other ways to get in touch with her Indian roots. Over the years however, the music, the dance and some of the cute actors finally caught Lata’s eye and she soon started taking Bharatnatyam and Shiamak Dawar dance classes. Lata’s interest and new found love for the Bollywood industry led her to share her sister’s passion to bring Bollywood to the market in a very different way.

During her regular day-to-day life, Lata has spent many years working primarily in the for-profit sector. She has experience in event planning and coordination, clinical and research based social work, and project evaluation.

Lata is a creative (and sometimes wacky) soul that also looks to really experience life – this initiative is just one of those moments.  And while Lata would love it if her life included the romance and action of a Bollywood film, she continues to sing filmi songs and dance around trees daily, despite not being particularly good at either.

Zenia Wadhwani

Though born in London, England and raised in Toronto, Canada, Zenia has always had a strong interest in her Indian roots. Growing up in a Indian household and community, she was exposed to Bollywood films and songs from an early age. Zenia developed a great interest and love for the movies and always made it a point to watch all the major hits. Her interest however, did not stop there. In 2007, Zenia worked on the publication of an anthology of essays called “Once Upon A Time in Bollywood: The Global Swing in Hindi Cinema” (TSAR, 2007).

Zenia’s day job has for many years been in the non-profit sector where she has extensive experience in strategic planning, program and partnership development and community engagement.

Zenia loves to dance to Bollywood music and hopes that BollyStar will eventually lead her into the arms of Aamir Khan … or Saif Ali Khan … or Shahrukh Khan … she’s not too picky!