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Bollystar Testimonials

Aarati and Brijesh – Boston, MA

THANK YOU for sending the Bolly-Star game! We had family over past Sunday for a pooja and we opened up this game after lunch.
I can’t even tell you how much our entire family (all 12-13 of them of all generations) got into this game. So much that none of us realized that the little kids needed to be fed dinner :)) Can’t wait to play it again soon!

- Aarati and Brijesh (Boston, MA, USA)

Shail A

I recently got engaged and was taking my first trip with the future in laws for my father in laws 70th birthday.

After a great day in the Bahamas, we all settled in for a game of Bollystar.
We all had a great time, the game was awesome! My fiancé’s parents kept getting excited as they reminisced about their past and old Amitabh movies. We played the game for 5 hours and had tons of laughs. Go buy the game because it’s a great way to spend time with the family!! Two thumbs up!

- Shail A.

Karuna & Manish – Mumbai

Played it and loved it! Was great fun for a Sunday afternoon by ourselves. Looking forward to playing with the whole family!

Karuna & Manish (Mumbai, India)

Nina – Toronto

Loved how professional it looked. The characters were awesome. Concept amazing!

Nina (Toronto, Canada)

Shaya – Rotterdam

BollyStar is amazing. I really enjoy this game with friends, some questions are difficult but that makes the game more interesting. Thanks for making this possible. I recommend everyone who is a Bolywood-lover to purchase it…. you won’t regret it!

Shaya (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

Krisha – Toronto

The BollyStar game was a lot of fun to play during the holidays! It’s not your usual board game because it involves a bit of acting and role playing. We found that playing in two big groups was the most entertaining as we had everyone working together. It’s totally worth the buy if you’re a bollywood fan and you love playing board games that go beyond the “board” !

Krisha (Toronto, Canada)

Varun – Sydney

Loved it. Great way to spend family time. Also quite funny the way kids sometimes pronounce Hindi/Urdu words written in Roman script. Looking forward to an app version that plays an excerpt from the song as it asks a question related to it.

Varun (Sydney, Australia)