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New Board Game Celebrates Bollywood
Bollystar Tests Players’ Knowledge of Music, Movies and Gossip

TORONTO, October 17, 2012 – Mazaa Inc., a Canadian company founded by two sistrapreneurs from Toronto, has launched a first-­-of-­-its-­-kind Bollywood board game. BollyStar is fun, unique and informative. How do you play? Think Snakes and Ladders meets Trivial Pursuit, Bollywood style!

Players choose their favourite character, answer trivia questions from five categories, testing players’ knowledge of the industry, movie dialogues and song lyrics, while encountering potential “rewinds” and “fast forwards” along the way. Run into the baraat and you can dance your way forward, but getting caught in the auto-­-rickshaw breakdown will force all players to rewind. The first player to reach the director’s chair is the next BollyStar!

“Two things we found entertaining while growing up were Bollywood films and board games. A few years ago, it dawned on us that these two sources of hours of fun had never intersected. And so BollyStar was born,” said co-­-creator Lata Wadhwani. “It’s a great way for family and friends to come together for a fun-­-filled and entertaining evening. Anyone, of any age, who knows something about Bollywood can play.”

While answering the questions correctly certainly helps in winning the game, so much of the fun comes from breaking out in song, acting out famous dialogues and just plain guessing. “BollyStar isn’t just for those who have grown up watching Indian cinema; Bollywood’s international appeal has attracted such diverse audiences that we expect the game to be played in Moscow, London, New Jersey and of course Toronto,” said co-­-creator Zenia Wadhwani.

The game is available for an introductory price of $25 online at The iPhone app is expected to release in early 2013. Originating in Toronto, Mazaa Inc. was established to promote South Asian culture and entertainment. The company aims to develop fun and unique ways to promote South Asian culture, as is evident with their first venture BollyStar: A Bollywood Trivia Board Game. Read more at; like the Facebook page (BollyStar); and get the latest Bollywood updates on Twitter (bollystar_game).

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Zenia Wadhwani
Marketing/Communications Director
Mazza Inc.